Our Services

GMedia Communication Serives is a global sales-enablement company focused on executing Sales & Marketing programs
by leveraging Technology to drive profitable revenue growth

B2B Lead generation

Click the lead your company needs. The days when sales teams used to rely on individual efforts to rally leads are long-gone. Finding target audiences and creating a fertile sales pipeline is an indispensable process which takes up considerable amount of time & resources. But truth be told, this process is inevitable and hence has to be undertaken. This is where we step in, bring our expertise to the table and take over the task of ‘creating the pipeline’ enabling your sales team to channelize their efforts on exploring the pipeline and bring about sales closures. We deploy the right expertise for a far-reaching market research, starting ground-up to locate the key influencers and decision makers across businesses that fit the bill, customising our efforts in line with what you need so that we give you means to achieving timely & meaningful business outcomes.

Integrated Marketing /Appointment Garnering

A key process in looking for prospective clients & achieving your sales goals. It is of critical importance to reach the right decision makers, by efficiently navigating your way through gatekeepers, who by far are the greatest roadblocks in the process. Effective execution of this initiative calls for cold calling expertise to shortlist, segregate & zero down on your target audience. Our Appointment Garnering experts possess a clear understanding of the dynamics of Business to Business Appointment Setting. We know that setting appointments with decision makers isn’t something that happens on the first call. It is work-in-progress and requires skill, persistence, temperament & intense acumen. Our men on the job follow a methodical, step-by-step approach to the operation, starting from building a pipeline of possible prospects in target accounts, separating the Decision Makers from the Key Influencers/ Recommenders and then qualifying their interest levels.

Database Development

‘The only Permanent thing in life is Change’. This age old phrase is probably the only thing that hasn’t changed all these years! It goes without saying that in the process of continuous evolution the target audience of your business is no exception & ‘Zeroing Down’ on your target is a key to determining the fruition of any business promotion activity. You cannot afford to lose time and resources going back and forth on eliminating inaccuracies, which is why it becomes crucial to have the most current and accurate information handy before you decide to go full throttle. A recent Gartner survey confirms about 35% data erosion annually, which means about 3% of existing data reserves rendered obsolete every month. Cleansed data firmly positions you in the Driver’s Seat by enhancing the effectiveness of your sales activity and places you better when you make plans & projections for desired outcomes. Arming your marketing team with a robust contact database facilitates an improved penetration and a reduced ‘cost-per-opportunity’, thanks to a faster sales cycle, eventually resulting in a significant spike on your ROI graph.

Graphic Design

Creative and high quality graphic design adds value to your business image. Designs provides clarity and adds an emotional touch to your Brand message. We produce high quality design with creative approach. Great designs leads to great experiences online and offline. From business identity, banners, UI/UX, to infographics, we design it all.

We research on your brand for better understanding and implement the desired message through designs. May it is a banner ad or your infographics, we design with the idea of positive engagement of your audiances.

Web Development

Websites have become very important for any business these days.For today’s digital market, digital presence is most important. Websites are not just to present your business online, but most of the businesses are done online. We develop your business website as well as applications / software that helps you manage your work and make it easier.

We understand human behaviour with respect to your services or products to develop most powerful UI/UX designs. The idea is to engage users and retain for longer time making them more positive about your business.

Software Solution

Websites are not just to present your business online, but most of the businesses are done online. We develop your business website as well as applications / software that helps you manage your work and make it easier.

To grow your business it is important to market it and to market it, online marketing is the most effective media to reach out to the desired audiance. Online marketing makes your content available to a larger number of potential buyers resulting also in lead generation. We here provide you solution for creative design of content as well as it’s marketing.